the mmmth degree

Perhaps it was at a young age that I learnt that life is pretty great. Sure it's unpredictable, messy, flawed. But oh is it ever zesty; and there is no doubt it is meant to be treasured.

Somehow, my strongest and favourite memories all involve food in some way. Little trays of apples, lovingly prepared by my mother (as in this picture). Honey bread and milk with my grandmother. Passing on my mum's famous potato salad recipe to all who taste it (and without fail, ask for it).

One of the best gifts my mother left behind was a collection of photos from my childhood that captured these sensory moments. And in a way it's why I do what I do: so I can give you the same gift.

favourite Friday afternoon past time: nothing beats fresh produce, scents and market vibes.

i love a good market

Liamaria, Karlstad, Ivor Kvist; my flat is an Ikea showroom.

i'm a
ikea fan

On the bucket list: Tuscany, Montana, Bali and Antarctica - to photograph the Emperor Penguin

travel goals are important

I can spend hours creating playlists on Spotify and I love going to gigs. Nothing like seeing your favourite artists perform live.

breathe music

but I love it!
I get the buzz around it, love to photograph it. I dig the scent, just not the flavour.

i Don't drink coffee

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